Imaduddin Suhaimi


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Imaduddin Suhaimi is a multidisciplinary lawyer with a background in science, holding a master’s degree in molecular biology as well as law. Integrating these two specialisations into his practice, Imaduddin is regularly involved in matters pertaining to intellectual property, particularly in the intersection of law and biotechnology, and he has made his mark advising clients on a variety of relevant issues, such as patent prosecution, trademark registration, licence structuring, and negotiating complex high-value technology contracts in the industry areas of e-commerce, telecommunications and software development.

Supplementing his intellectual property background, Imaduddin is also qualified in the area of alternative dispute resolution, having been appointed as both arbitrator and counsel in a number of arbitration cases, leveraging off his subject matter expertise in intellectual property disputes to manage the proceedings or to protect and safeguard the interests of his clients, as the case may be.

Imaduddin has also given presentations to regulatory authorities, statutory bodies, multinational companies and legal profession committees, on a variety of topics such as intellectual property in software, personal data protection, the role of domain names in cybersecurity, negotiation in cloud computing contracts, the right to privacy and the laws governing online publication.

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